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Needle less explanation concerning...

Needle less explanation concerning...

Fabled, faded, and faint scars courtesy varicella,  
a highly contagious infection caused 
by varicella zoster virus can still be seen
unlike kids today inoculated during childhood,
thus youngsters deprived mild fever and 
rash of itchy inflamed blisters yours truly
contracted said infection bedridden, and
served tall glass of Ovaltine.

Within blink of eye, the medical practitioner
(Zieglerville CVS pharmacist) administered
first dose regarding inoculation against acute,
painful inflammation of nerve ganglia with
skin eruption often forming girdle around

middle of body approximately four months,
hence (early April 2020), I will eagerly avail
same upper arm to boost near total immunity
against aforementioned unpleasantness linked
tin with same virus as chickenpox, whereby

childhood virus inactive in nerve tissue near
spinal cord and brain years later reactivating,
manifesting, and blistering unannounced well
come, thus proactive decision to receive first
of two approved preemptive measures to stave

off unnecessary physical strife I acknowledge
gratitude for brilliant minds allowing, enabling,
and providing quality existence courtesy health
coverage courtesy medicare and/or medicaid.

Opportunistic encroachments vis a vis countless
micro-organisms gain traction where as climate
change avails colder polar regions become more
temperate exhuming former frozen land masses
increasing encroachment within once unforgiving
environments rendered (courtesy global warming)

most severely impacting populations least culpable
straight away bearing fossil fuel fallout brunt, plus
imposed with onerous task adopting sweeping life
style modalities never experiencing (analogously
figuratively savoring capitalistic trappings, where
livingsocial activated by sophisticated plush easy

chair commanding beck and call humanoid robots
(think Sleeper 1973 Woody Allen comedy) ennui
offset donning high tech virtual reality goggles to
blast into surreal webbed wide world while global
warming excites, kindles, quickens, snaps, crackles
and pops arousing panic lest holiday shopping not

complete madding crowds unaware there will soon
be end of civilization fire and liquidation sale ironic
since manufactured goods rendered an absolute zero
worth, while planet Earth smolders, where deep purple
people eaters amazingly gracefully daintily ravenously
relish fancy feast comprising grateful dead masquerade.

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