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Pinochle Heads

Pinochle Heads

This author has coined a new phrase, to replace the one “knuckle-head”;
A term we used to describe an idiot, who has all of us seeing red!
Because they’re so damn freaking stupid, their IQ’s are a total joke;
We are saturated with these morons, whom our daily ire evoke!
The first place to find them is on expressways, flying in and out of lanes;
They risk their lives to gain one car length, a normal person’s bane!
You’ll also find them at our shopping marts, their debit cards never work;
They hold up the lines forever, and drive the waiting so beserk!
The reason I have labeled them, deals with cards in a playing deck;
The normal one has fifty-two, but these people are a wreck!
The Pinochle Heads have only forty-eight, four cards short in their little brains;
We try to rise above them, but they will drive us all insane!
Pinochle Heads rife
Bad apples in every bunch
We are all damned


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Lol...I have learned a new word....I think as I am getting older, I am developing more patience than I used to have for people like this...as I wonder sometimes if I have not maybe done something that has driven people nuts and not known it....lol  I watch people sometimes and just wonder what is going on by their actions....I am more curious than mad...and it usually makes me put my focus more determined on what is important and not with the world's antics... It can frustrate!  Lol  xo  Love n Hugs 

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

I must admit, that my frustration with these idiots has been exacerbated by the eighty-five miles a day I spend on the expressways, taking Linda to and from work.  I have never spent this much time in rush hour traffic, throughout my life, doing the majority of my road travel at night, when all the morons are asleep.  In the last few months, I've witnessed more insanity than I have in almost sixty years of driving.  So, forgive my contumely, but it is well justified.

All my love,
Larry xxx