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Out in the woods
The children shout out
There’s room on the spinning wheel
Only for one
And I need to have my share of fun
Says one to the other
Under the sun

The trees allow the sun to shine
It’s my turn says he
To the other with glee
No it’s mine says the other
In reply
And all of a sudden
The clouds darken the sky

If you don’t let me have my turn
On the spinning wheel
In the woods today
I’ll tell your mother
You bullied your way
To the spinning wheel
When I wanted to play

The thunder appeared – 
Its smile turned to a grin
Disrupting play-time
And calling them in

How about we agree
To play together next time
Says one to the other
Who said; that’d be fine

As they walked
Out of the woods that day
Next time they came
They had decided to play

Together, as one
Under the sun
That way, they said;
We’ll have plenty of fun


for the children... 
(and their parents)

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Nicely written poetry angel