Poem -

Yellow & Purple

Yellow & Purple

"I love your hands," she said
Until they were wrapped around her throat
Until she was waiting for the bruises to fade
Keeping to herself
Anyone who has been there knows...
Bruises are not black and blue
They are Yellow and Purple
The brightest sun spots
The happiest moments
The deepest of purples
Fading into black
The lowest of lows
And they said that the power in a relationship lies with the person who cares less
But she didn't care less
She just cared about herself more
"Nobody will believe you. You did it to yourself. Everybody knows me."
Such a fucking golden boy
But behind closed doors
Not knowing who to call is the worst part
Embarrassed you stayed so long
So you keep quiet
Find time for yourself
Use the moments of silence to make peace with yourself
Because everyone knows bruises aren't black & blue. 

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Tony Taylor

Wow!!...this is SOOO over the top and unbelievably INTENSE!!.....it's so easy to see flashes of truth in this piece and at the same time it's difficult to understand which side of the line the author is on here......this subject matter is so compelling and the deeply anger-driven truth of the "Purple & Yellow" is visually stunning for the mind's eye!!.......ALL STARS!!......well conveyed dear poet brother!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤