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The Submarine Races

The Submarine Races

I got my driver’s license, soon after I turned sixteen;
In the Summer of 1960, coolest thing I’d ever seen!
And then I got the wheels, to travel to-and-fro;
And there was a venue I’d never been to, that I was eager so to go!
All I needed was a hot date, to visit this sacred place;
Then after dark, down by the river, to watch “The Submarine Races”!
Of course, it was just a metaphor, a code name that we all knew;
To get a girl to the river, and then make out with you!
It took not long to be successful, I called a cutie pie girl;
She said “yes” when I asked her, to give The Submarine Races a whirl!
They turned out to be the greatest, the outcome so abrupt;
Submerged in seas of passion, as my periscope went up!
Submarine Races
Submerged in deep passion
Try to fathom it


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Cherie Leigh

Lol...Dear Larry you have had so many great memories that you share on Cosmo...and I laughed a bit with your metaphorical reference to the periscope.....You have had a very entertaining and fun life of escapades and experiences.  Sixteen is a very special age to be...I have a daughter that age now and it is interesting to see her grasping what it means to be growing up.  Made me smile. Thanks for sharing. xo ;)  Love n Hugs

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

So sorry for the late response, but Linda was tied up all weekend, doing our 2018 taxes, the deadline on the extension being yesterday.  
Yes, those memories of my youth are still so vivid.  So glad I made you laugh with the periscope metaphor.
I can remember when my daughters were sixteen, and understand the delicate issues that arise, with a girl that age.
Thank you for your lovely words.

All my love,
Larry xxx