Poem -

To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true

To thine own self be true of thought
(Eternity a friend)
And through oneself emotively
Survive time to the end

The end of what – to where; one asks
Does it exist at all
One looks on high – what’s there but air
Before one stands enthralled

See not for nought – the world creates
The essence of resolve
Deny destructive thoughts of doom
(the sun retracts the cold)

Cast aside – negate the dark
A bright light casts a sky
Of scenery – of blue delight
One flaps one’s wings to fly

Night dims the light internally
With feelings one’s eyes shine
To speak so others follow suit
One lends oneself divine

And builds a sense of ne’er again
The first also the last
And in the harbour one’s ship docks
And there its anchor’s cast

Enlighten spirits from their sleep
(Awakened as to flow)
Freely deigned - exemplified
Release oneself and grow