Poem -

Abuse of a Child

Abuse of a Child

When you hurt a little child,
You will take from him something he can never get back.
In his heart you have forever filed,
Something horrible, and very black.

To raise your hand to someone so innocent,
Is the cruelest thing a person can do.
He’ll face a life of imprisonment,
I don’t think you really have a clue.

The chance that you pass on this legacy,
Which might make him do it to his own child too,
And turn him into a felony,
If only you really knew.

You don’t have to hit a child for it to be abuse,
Name calling and put downs are just as bad.
There can never be a good enough excuse,
When it’s happening by his Mom or Dad.

So if your abusing your son or daughter,
Ask yourself if this is the what you want to pass along,
To your grandson or granddaughter?
You need to see now that what you’re doing is so very wrong. 


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Gerard McGowan

That sad thing about this heartfelt message is that it will go unseen by the very people it's aimed at, people who abuse are without, without the desire to better themselves and they most certainly will not be reading poetry, poetry is reserved for humans who dream of a better life, people who look to the stars and see beauty in the simplest of things.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't share such messages, I do it myself, I just feel sad that it will never reach those who do such horrific things.

Thanks for sharing.

Terry Kay

Renee,  So true growing up with a abusive father and not realizing the effect it had on my life.  I love your boldness on the  subject of abuse.  Keep it up!  Love, Terry Kay