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comfort food

comfort food

You don’t know him baby
He was just some guy
You left me here all by myself
You left me here to die

I thought you’d gone forever
And baby I was sad
I needed to be needed
And to need me he was glad

I don’t know who he is
I don’t remember where he’s from
The love I made him take from me
Was everything I own

He was just my comfort food
Right there whilst I was in the mood
I needed something primally
He needed something back from me

But now you’re here and looking hurt
In front of me on red alert
Like needing him was wrong; love wasted
But through my pain – how good he tasted

I’ll never see his face again
I’ll never want him for a friend
He was something warm to cling to
Escape that I threw myself into

I let him do the things that you do
He took all he could from me
He gave me fire and heat and pain
With all he had and all for free

So kiss me, touch me, now you’re back
It’s not my fault you took your time
My beacon in the cold and black
He’s now a shadow in my mind

So when you go and when you leave
And then when you come storming back
And you look at my face and grieve
Remember why I needed that

The pain and lust and pride and fear are all my satiated bliss
They play in my polluted mind in solace; my depraved abyss

You’re here now though and wanting me
You won’t make up your mind
The chances are you’ll leave again
Just know that when you do, I’m, fine


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