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Game Show

Game Show

The clock ticked six
And sudden, with a burst
The mood moved from ‘see you next time’
To a start.

I jumped as that silly
Game show host on first
Welcomed you and me
To Game Show Number One.

Ed McMahon, Dick Clark
And their mates
Would jump for joy
At the popularity he’d gained.

But damn it!
I found the remote too late
The screen moved so fast
To that little man of ‘fun’.

It’s not that I’m a Scrooge
I hope you know
Don’t get me wrong -
Some ‘nights out’ would astound.
It’s just I prefer the news
That time of night
‘What’s the use for nitrous oxide?’
Has been done.

The lights, the shouting –
Turn it down, at once
Cotton-wool balls in my ears
And still I hear.

The falsity in that smile
Makes me cry –
I’d be happy not to see his face
All year.

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Tony Taylor

Hey OWEN!!.....I had a lot of fun reading this .....in fact, I read it several times over...... and it seems there are a lot of very personal references within that I just don't get...... and I wish I did because the whole thing seems like so much fun!!...... Is "What's use for nitrous oxide?" some kind of game show reference?.....I don't know, maybe I'm too game show illiterate (smiles) but I enjoyed it nonetheless...... excellent formatting by the way.....ALL STARS!!...... look forward to more of your stuff!!...... LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 😉✳✴☀

Owen James

Hi Tony, Thanks for the feedback... Yes, it's quite a personal one this one. I'm a news-lover (of sorts). So I'll turn on the news then change the channel for more news (I hope that explains the first stanza)... If I don't change the channel quickly enough on comes this Games Show with "that little man of fun." Fact is, I dislike game shows intensely - they're so artificial, so loud, so false. I used Dick Clark and Ed McMahon to appeal to the US audience. I'm from Australia so other names would apply here... And nitrous oxide is laughing gas, which seems to be the essential ingredient of all popular games shows. 
Cheers, Owen.