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Happy Retirement Mama-Bear

Happy Retirement Mama-Bear

From the day you were first hired, 
You prayed to God to not get fired. 
You worked your ass off -
Days and nights - 
Many arguments,
Many fights. 
They pissed you off and put you down, 
And still you've always stood your ground. 
But the pay was good - 
No, it was great...
And so General Motors became your fate.
Indeed a good one, this be true,
Because it supported me and you.
So after 30 years and many tears, 
Finally its time!... 
To say, "FUCK YOU!", to all the crew - 
And "Thank you", to those who were kind. 
All is forgiven - 
The past is the past,
But every one of those fuckers can still kiss your ass! 
So I guess it was worth not getting fired... 
Cause those bitches are stuck! 
And now you're retired!! 

To my dear Mother. One of the strongest and hardest working women I have ever known.


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Rebecca Burton

I wrote this poem for my Mom.. She was hired at General Motors as a young woman. When certain people learned she was a single, gay female - her time there was unfortunately, made more difficult. Seeing her so full of negative emotions at the end of each day, was always heart breaking. But still, she never strayed from being the amazing, kind and strong willed woman she is to this day. An inspiration to me. Love you Ma.