Poem -

Optical illusion

The way I dream.

As she screams into the darkness, she falls to the ground, crying out " how could u be so heartless", but you will never hear a sound.
she hides all her anger and pain, you'd never known she was hurt, to bottle it all so she wouldn't be drained, never understanding her worth.
She's drowning slowly, reaching for any hope, this darkness is overwhelming, and anger starts to grow.
She fights each day to keep going, she tries to be "ok", so over being lonely, so over everything.
Too strong to just quit, she tells herself each morning, making her physically sick, all this pain she'd enduring.
Never think someone is truly happy, alot are wearing a mask, love is wat their lacking, trying to cover up the past.
Through feeling all of this, through the chaos and confusion, she sits back to reminisce, and slowly falls into her optical illusion.

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