Poem -


So much sadness in the world today 
Here's a little chuckle to make it go away
Concerns a man who has the name of Pete
A very tall fella who has enormous feet

One day Pete's shoes just literally fell apart
Pete was so upset it broke his heart 
Had those shoes for five long years 
No wonder Pete was nearly in tears

To the shoe shop Pete decided to go 
No size fourteens clearly were not on show
The sales assistant said I'm so sorry sir 
The only size fourteens are made of fur

Pete had a problem for it was hot July 
His feet would be sweaty I'm not going to lie
Poor Pete was unsure at what he should do
Go around barefoot or take the fur shoe

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Cherie Leigh

Lol.....Poor Pete!  Let's all chip in and get him some new shoes from a very talented shoe maker now!  ;)  Cute!  xo

Jill Tait

haha I did pete in 19’ lol 

Paltry Puny Pete

He doesn’t like potatoes and he hates processed peas 
Infact it’s any green vegetable he can’t stand these
He has the pickiest pallette that you would ever wish to meet
Nothing appetises paltry puny Pete
His poor Peggy is at her wits end trying her very best to please him she is driven around the bend

The newly weds were only married a month or so ago that dreadful day storm Brendan covered everything with snow
Mind you her Mother said she was making a big mistake
but Peggy wanted a man in her life for her babies sake
So when she stands in the supermarket aisle shopping is a struggle and it takes her a while

Pete won’t tolerate trying anything new as he picks at his plate of lovely lamb stew
The only thing he likes is Heinz baked beans so he eats these when Peggy eats her greens
Goodness knows if the two of them will last but Peggy’s patience are wearing thin from the months that has past
Never mind she can always go back to Mother if it doesn’t work out and find herself another