Poem -

The other guys

and what our love means to me

The other guys

At the beginning of the breakup, I was the one that “didn’t care,” 
        But that’s because of those feelings I wouldn’t share, I couldn’t dare. 
You started talking to another guy named Connor, 
        I thought that your feelings for me were a goner.  
He turned out to be unfit like I hoped, 
        We talked and yet our relationship still sloped, 
Then in came Jake this random guy from Kansas, I couldn’t help but ask “why from a different state?” 
        I took my time for his mistake I wait. 
The day came and you messaged me and asked to cruise, 
        You just used me for sexual favors to your amuse. 
I asked to try it again and you agreed, 
        Little did I know Jake had his fair share of greed. 
He left a note on your bed that said, “be mine” 
        You gave it thought for about an hour before you crossed the line, 
You chose him, taking the heart out of my chest, throwing it on the ground, and leaving it to rot. 
        My love for you is trying to hang on, yet it cannot. 
I'm giving you a fair warning if you make love to him and then it doesn’t work out, 
        You won’t have a place in my life, for the thought of you in my life, will be taken out. 
At that point, I won’t let you make me out for a buffoon, 
        Even though I'd still secretly give you the moon. 

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Being Me

A heartfelt write.  The pain of unrequited love comes through painfully well x