Poem -

After The Longing

After The Longing

The longing kept its shoot popping when you were gone
My fullness replaced with a load of emptiness
My soul set sail every day in search of your presence
When it wandered and returned weary, cried bile
Lace your fingers with mine and dig me deep like a mine
You’ve returned me 
to myself with your presence
Lead me to the dim bedroom in my birthday suit
Gloss my lips with the oasis that flows from your tongue
I’ve walked the desert for long
My dry throat needs water that flows from amour’s depth
Resuscitate me with breath that rushes my nose to consume me

I’m all yours; have me
Raw like  meat with blood sitting under my skin
Milk me with your teeth at my tits
Chew on my lips like gum
My heart is beating the sympathetic drum for the awaited
Touch me were my nerves live and I’ll give in
Fill in the holes and make me whole again
Fill me; push me beyond the limits of satisfaction
I’ll moan a song of gratification
When the adrenaline overflows, run your race in me
Run till you’re wet and need a release from your stress
When exhaustion catches up on us, we’ll rest
Climaxing the climax with kisses honey-filled
It’s not always my hands get hold of your flesh
When you’re home, we’ll lock the bones of love
And eat the forbidden of Eden

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Anthony...Very sensual and passionate!  My favorite genre of writing is the more passionate writes.  The picture was perfect too.  It is nice to see your versatility in writing.  I like how you used original phrases to describe a very passionate intimate encounter between two.  Enjoyed. ox ;)