Poem -

what makes one a fairy

what makes one a fairy

what makes one a fairy
give her a hedge to hide behind
bring lightning and the strongest fragrance
and she will have taller feet –
longer arms and bigger hands
and delve into the Never-never-land

a playmate remains a little girl
travelling to the evening star
by horse and carriage ride –
abandoning reality
for the thrills of dreaming

frolic one must – fancy-free
for the passing of time
and the fairy’s wish
will be a wish for all
who bid goodbye

smother happiness upon another
play like there is no tomorrow
and delight in the bewitching hour –
build a cherished home
filled with fairy dust and jasmine flowers

to away austerity and lure love
and lead from way behind the hedge
and share the fairy’s fragrance
in mere mortals’ smiles –

seen in(stead) –
mere mortals in her stead.


Inspired by the description of the person within the poet that was Emily Dickinson, written by Martha Dickinson Bianchi, Emily's niece, in The Poetry of Emily Dickinson, Canterbury Classics (Baker & Taylor Publishing Group), 2015.

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Baker Street

Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets. Nice poem and description.Β  :)

Owen James

Thanks - I never get tired of reading her poetry - don't think I could ever do her justice though

Owen James

I'm not surprised - thanks for stopping by and congratulations again