Poem -


I arrived at Paddington just before ten
It was nice to visit this place once again
Why then you ask should I end up there 
The answer my friend is to find that elusive bear

I looked in all the shops and the market too
No sign of the bear or his coat of shiny blue
Next I decided I would visit a pub for a drink
Needed a strategy and a place to ponder and think

If I were a bear where would I hang out and dwell
The answer came to me as clear as any bell
So I finished my drink and plans were being made
Time to find Paddington and his sandwiches of marmalade

I arrived at Paddington's destination out of the blue
Only to be told he had emigrated to darkest Peru

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Cherie Leigh

Awww...I remember Paddington and his marmalade sandwiches.. ..Lol..Thanks for bringing the lovable bear back in comedic fashion as only you could, Kieran. xo ;)